Health Benefits Of Alkaline Coffee Los Angeles

By Mark Stewart
No feeling beats the feeling of sipping a cup of hot coffee in the morning. It energizes us and gets us ready to take on the day. In major towns you can barely walk 100 feet without coming across a coffee shop packed with people sipping away. What most people are not aware of is that this drink is acidic and the environment it creates in our bodies is very conducive for many diseases to prosper. But that is about to change, due to the introduction of Alkaline Coffee Los Angeles.

This alkaline product is called Liven Alkaline Coffee. It is a product of a company known as Alliance in Motion Global. It is a low caffeine Arabica blend that is fortified with 16000 phytonutrients. As coffee is understood to cause hyperacidity in the body, this one has an alkaline formulation and this makes it not to cause any side effects in the body as normally expected. It comes in three flavors, Original, Latte and Cappuccino.

The creators of Liven took years of study and medical expertise to be able to come up with a perfect product. The human body needs very many essential substances to ensure healthy living. Unfortunately it is impossible to give the body all that it requires on a daily basis. This is because these substances are expensive as standalone products and would be very bulky for a person to carry.

Not only is this drink filled with important plant nutrients that are necessary to maintain our bodies, it comes with other advantageous properties. It contains numerous vitamins needed for daily growth, mushrooms, vegetable and fruit blends which are important in cell regeneration, and amino acids which help in digestion, among many others.

Tests done on this product in Los Angeles CA have shown that due to its contents, it is able to help manage some of the most serious health problems in the world. It has been said that unlike the high and tense feeling one gets when they take coffee, this one actually makes your body feel relaxed, so you can get quality sleep, and it also calms down headaches.

Among the list of illnesses this drink is said to manage is body detoxification, blood pressure control, prevention of degenerative diseases such as arthritis, reduction of cholesterol levels in the body and many others. Diabetics are also advised to take this alkaline drink as it has no added sugars so is safe for consumption.

To acquire this one of a kind drink, one would have to locate Alliance in Motion Global members, because they are the ones who are officially allowed to sell and distribute them. If one likes, they are also able to join and become members of the Alliance in Motion Global, where they will be able to get this drink at reduced company prices and can sell at a profit to get extra money in their pockets.

Alkaline coffee has come at the right time when the world is under attack from genetically modified foods that harm our bodies from the inside slowly. Alkaline coffee can be used to counter these disease bringing substances and improve the health of every person.

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Health Benefits Of Alkaline Coffee Los Angeles

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